Coercive Staircase/Interactive Design

'Coercive Staircase' is a designed pathfinding proposition intended to direct members of the university towards the James Turrell skyspace located on the third floor of the Student Activity Center (SAC).

The problem: Accessible only through a sideways staircase, the skyspace is a hidden gem that often goes unnoticed in the maze-like interiors of the SAC.

The solution: 'Coercive staircase' is intended to create a subtle push towards the room by incorporating LED panels that livestream the sky on the frontal facade of the staircase leading to the skyspace. 

Pictured is the staircase during the day and during the sunset. The LEDs underneath the hand railings reflect the light sequence of the skyspace during the sunset/sunrise.

For more information on the skyspace, visit:

Collaborator: Jake Bruner